10 people I want to meet

This is Student Challenge 1 for Edublogs.

1) Mahatma Gandhi

Q: Why did you believe peace was the best policy?

2) Abraham Lincoln

Q: How did you deal with the civil war?

3) Rick Riordan

Q: What inspired you to start writing novels.

4) Osama Bin Laden

Q: Why did you plan the 9-11 attack.

5) Joe Flacco

Q: How did you lead your team to win the Super Bowl?

6) Chopin

Q: Who inspired you to start composing music?

7) Jimmie Johnson

Q: How do you race for 3 hours straight without getting bored?

8) Hitler

Q: Why did you want to take over the world through war?

9) Elvis Presley

Q: Who started you on singing?

10) Tiger Woods

Q: Who started you on golf?

4 thoughts on “10 people I want to meet

  1. You’ve asked some questions which millions of people would like to ask. Thank you for being thoughtful. The people you’ve chosen show you’re a broad-minded and knowledgeable person.

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